Within each of us is a light. That light is the remembering of what we are beyond the image we have of ourselves. When we remember we are more than the self, we begin to open up Gateways to other places in our minds and within the greater memory of who we have ever been, and what we are.

Remembering is like a flame. It burns brightly when it is given the greatest opportunity through love and understanding that through the One of All things there is light, and through fear there is only separation and despair.

Hope is a contingent of memory when one has forgotten what they really are. It is with the remembering of what we are that hope no longer needs to reside with us, because we remember and we know.

Come with me on a journey of remembering. Where hope and dreams of unity, love and a greater power of what you are is very Real indeed.

We are here. We have come to take you home.


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