The message of hope itself matters more than any one person. Jason is the Caretaker of the Elonias Foundation of awareness.


Life is an experience of awakening, from one image to another until we no longer require images to determine our awareness, because we know.

Too many titles, too many words to describe who one is, or who one is not. Such measurement.

What does 30 years of channelled communication from beyond this planet, intense investigation into the unknown, vast experience with the paranormal and 3 decades of training and working intimately with the mind, energy, the psyche and dimensional time and space reveal to you?

It reveals the illusion of this reality, and it reveals the awareness from which all things come to allow one to see everything as it is – to know what is really happening here.

It shows that each one of us can learn and love in greater capacities, and how each one can remake their lives into a better tomorrow for the good of All.