The Timeline Medium, Paranormal Consultant & Life-Journey Counsellor


Jason is an experienced and intuitive Life-Journey Counsellor, and co-founder of The Journey Home. With nearly 30 years of psychic, paranormal, energy and counseling experience Jason can bring awareness and answers to areas including deep Inner Awareness, the afterlife, dimensional experiences, true meditation and the meaning of life itself, Jason offers personal sessions to explore the greater dimension of who and what you are.

People have all kinds of experiences, and Jason can help you understand yours. We all have innermost questions we need to understand. Have you had experiences you would like to understand? Do you just feel lost? Are you having experiences that are unnerving? Over 40 years, there is nothing lot we have not seen or experienced.

A Timeline Reading is a psychic reading of your life and future path. Jason will intuitively identify important areas of your life-journey, when and why your important decisions will occur. A Timeline Reading helps you create the future you want.

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