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One of the Most Important Distinctions You Will Ever Need to Make on Your Journey

The Journey Home Podcast Awareness and Acceptance

Awareness and acceptance.

So often these are seen as one in the same, but they are in fact very different. When we are faced with the reality to which we are presented – our life, and indeed all life everywhere – we are also faced with what we perceive is a choice:

“What do we accept and what do we not accept?”

As one becomes more aware of who and what they are, the gravity of the truth of this reality begins to set in. One starts to question why their life is the way it is, and why the world is the way it is. Often, fear ensues because of the perceived lack of choices and the feelings that in some circumstances there appears to be no choices at all. That is where acceptance starts to form. But it is not acceptance based upon a decision one has made of their own volition; it is an acceptance based upon fear. Sometimes it is then the fear of having to accept that creates even more fear. We are then caught up in a cycle of fear itself with the fear of having to accept, when we should have the free will and right to choose what we want to choose.

This life, this world is so full of what tells you what you must accept. Reality itself, as an energy of cyclic creative thought and memory, attempts to enforce acceptance of its rules and regulations every day. But when one becomes more aware, resistance begins.

And that is why we must look at the distinction between acceptance and awareness. It is an important clause of awareness to understand – truly understand. There are things we can change, things we cannot change. And because we are inhabiting a physical body, responding and having to live within a physical reality – at least for now – all of our senses and ideologies, needs and desires and choices for free will, grind against the reality that we are viewing without awareness.

So what is awareness? Awareness cannot come from you, alone. Awareness is a deeper understanding and uncovering of the true nature of reality. Beyond the prison walls of thought and memory. Beyond what life itself and those around you in your life tell you who and what you should be. What you really are is completely aware. It is Real. We are the experience of thought and memory through the illusion of separation. Why we are here, is an entirely different story and one I can tell at another time.

However, the facts still remain. The only way to be aware is to open your mind and your heart to a dual consciousness. Being aware that everything we see and feel and touch is not everything there is. There is a greater part of us operating within us. To be in touch with that part of us is the only way to become truly aware. When we become aware, we look at everything differently. Everything. Without exception. Our lives, our relationships, our jobs, our outer reality in its entirety. Our awareness allows us to see how and why we do what we do. Our awareness allows us to see how and why others around us do what they do. Sometimes they are not compatible, and our awareness allows us to see that too.

And that is where awareness and acceptance meet. They meet here because when we are responding to the awareness within, and not reacting to the outer experience we call life, we are able to navigate and choose what we will do and why we do it. Awareness reveals to us a way to look ahead to a future that is filled with purpose, but not always preference. And when one walks the pathway of the journey of life with awareness, some things you will choose to accept and some things you will choose not to accept.

To someone observing your thoughts, feelings and actions, your acceptance of some things will not necessarily make sense to them. And it may never whilst they are operating purely on a thought-and-memory singular consciousness of separation itself. And so acceptance becomes a matter of awareness, where all things are seen from a greater perspective.

Imagine walking a pathway and have reached a fork in the road. Your travelling companion gives you every good reason why turning ‘right’ is the way to go. It makes sense. The sign even clearly gives all the indications. Everything so far seems to suggest ‘right’ is the correct way. And yet, you have already risen above the intersection of your life, and seen everything that you are experiencing from a different point of view. A higher vision, with a far more reaching view of the road ahead. You know the road to the left is the only way to get you where you need to go. And so you look at the forked intersection, and you decide you are going left. It matters not what your companion does. You are responsible for your thoughts, actions and feelings. That is why sometimes, when the greater journey mergers through your awareness with the journey of your life, at times your decisions will seem unacceptable to others. All that matters is they are acceptable to you. There is that acceptance again, but this time because of your awareness. You make decisions without fear, without judgement, without reaction and without needing another’s approval. Their reaction does not affect you, it only affects them.

And so when we look at awareness and acceptance, we must look at awareness as the director of your thoughts and actions. When you are aware, and hope no longer becomes a point of contention between your heart and mind in the struggle of whether or not to hold on, or let it go and just accept is no longer relevant.

You become aware. You remember you are more than who you believe you are. You realise you always have been. You realise what you are has a purpose here. How you live your life may need to change entirely, or focus in a different direction. And why did you become aware? Because you let go of the separation value of your self. You connected to what you are. You opened a Gateway in your mind to what is Real beyond illusion. You embraced awareness because you embraced love in its truest form.

And that, is all that matters.

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