What are those things in black robes like a grim reaper?

Markos – I have seen a cemetery of spirits surround me and my brother, an there was this one that looked different in a black robe. I couldn’t see the facial features. It was pure black sort of like the grim reaper. It put it’s hand down like it was trying to invade my soul or something. What do you think?

Jason – Hi Markos, thanks for your question – it is a VERY important one. We are usually only aware of our own dimension, but there are many dimensions, and there are also portals between dimensions. Dimensions are separated by energy barriers, but psychic energy, inter-dimensional entities and meridians can and do open dimensional portals between this world and other words. Traumatic or highly emotional events can also lead to openings and paranormal experiences as well.

Emotion and memory is tied in directly with psychic energy. So when we visit certain places people will very often see or experience more paranormal activity. Cemeteries themselves are not special – it is the thought and emotion we direct into them that makes them susceptible to the paranormal. What you are describing is something we have seen before. You need to be aware that many paranormal experiences are not ‘people’ but interdimensional entities.

Just as in life where there are people who give to you and people who try and take from you, it is the same here. What you have seen is an interdimensional entity trying to create fear in you so it can tap into your energy and draw on your energy field. It presents the image of a reaper because it knows that it what will likely create the most fear. I have come up against these energies before many times. They will alter your thoughts if you let them, and they are trying to draw as many people as they can toward them to feed on their energy. They cannot take your soul, but they aim to control your thoughts.

The grim reaper myth is born from this type of entity. My advice to you is to be very aware, to understand that you have an energy field you must protect – but without fear. They fear love. They fear knowledge. They cannot draw on love. Not the silly idea of ‘love and light’ most people play with, but the genuine knowing that darkness can never survive where there is light.

I would strongly suggest, if you wish, you do a free 1hr energy program we have on our website called “Taking Care of Your Energy System” because there is every likelihood you may have remnants of energy left over from that experience you should clear out. (https://www.thejourneyhome.com.au/meditation/)

ou will just need to open a free account as well, and it takes a little over an hour.

You may have had sleep or mood changes since then, or odd things happening. Maybe not, but you should clear and protect your energy field. Thanks for the questions.


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