Understanding Intuitive & Psychic Abilities

Our ancestors relied upon our 6th sense to avoid danger, and to help them survive. It is often referred to as a ‘gut feeling’ or ‘a knowing’. Mothers with young children will often use it to keep their children protected. However, in this technological age our 6th sense is in danger of being absorbed into ‘information overload’, with this natural part of humanity becoming discarded and unused.

However, when people need to explore the meaning to life, their spirituality, their purpose and what lies beyond the boundary of their physicality, then their psychic abilities have to be woken up and activated. Physic abilities usually fall into the categories of: Clairsentience (feelings) Clairvoyance (seeing) Clairaudience (hearing)


This is the ability to see what other cannot. You may see people, animals or even people’s energy fields, known as auras. This may be extremely clear to you at times, and not at other times. You may see through your outer vision (eyes) or through your inner vision.

Many clairvoyants can see through their outer as well as through their inner vision. Some children see imaginary friends and often talk to them, as well as play with them. After about the age of 8 – 9 their ability often disappears, but not always.

Some clairvoyants are known to have seen things since their childhood. But for those whose clairvoyance is more ‘inner’, this ability comes from the source relaying the impressions and images to the clairvoyant and the clairvoyant interpreting what they are receiving.

Clairvoyance also comes through visions and dreams, where visual images are projected towards the clairvoyant, these often being extremely clear and detailed.


This is the ability to hear. A person who is a highly skilled clairaudient will often tell you they can actually hear voices from outside their physicality, and other times they hear them in their mind. They are usually clear and precise, with a message that is often very relevant to current circumstances either for the clairaudient themselves, or for another person for them to relay the message to.

This ability also ties in with mediumship and inspirational writing, as well as teachings.

Examples of psychic abilities are:

  • Intuition

  • Psychometry

  • Predicting the future – precognition / premonition

  • Aware of energy changes / the unseen

  • Mediumship

  • Working with energy (this covers many examples and expertise)

  • Visions

  • Creative abilities such as art & writing


This involves what you feel. You sense something, and your feelings tell you in story. For example: You meet someone for the first time. Within seconds you feel so empty, so lonely, so afraid. The person standing in front of you doesn’t display any of these feelings, yet you can’t shake what you have just felt.

You know it would be rude if you asked them to confirm what you have just felt, so you keep it to yourself. Some time later you overhear her speaking to someone else. She is expressing exactly what you felt about her earlier. This is called ‘clairsentience’.