Diane’s Legacy


There are no words to capture the essence of someone so devoted to a Greater Plan and to love, as Diane was, other than “Love is all there is, and that what you are I am also.”

40 years of tireless research and investigation saw Diane open a channel of communication to a greater awareness from beyond our comprehension entirely, that made everything possible. Everything you see on this website, or read, is inspired by Diane and her love for the Great Ones and the light of awareness – to remember ‘what’ we are beyond the illusionary belief of who we believe we are.

Diane experienced and investigated the dimensions of life and beyond into the paranormal and expansive levels of energy. A gifted psychic, Diane was the example of the awareness of what is Real. She left a legacy to help understand the nature of what is Real if you hold an open mind and heart.

Your own Journey Home is an aspect of awareness within you. I hope Diane’s words and experiences help you hear your own ‘note’ of remembering.