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The Journey Home is like the sound of ‘remembering’ being played on a piano. Different sounds, different notes. Some will respond to one sound, others to another. But whatever sound or chord creates the stirring within, it is your awakening that matters. You are more than you think you are. ‘Home’ is a state of awareness, not a destination as such. The Journey Home can begin for each one according to the sound that they are.

By investigating The Journey Home, you are allowing the light you are inside of you to listen … and to remember. These books are not for the brain; they are not for the personal justification of knowledge or power even, over your life. They are about a single realisation – truth is an ever-changing movement of awareness, and in order to make the Journey Home one has to first understand that their current perception of life – and of themselves – is illusion.

When one lets go of the illusion of their life, surely what is Real is all that remains. One cannot make the Journey Home unless they are free of the image of self and the perceptions of who they are from others.

‘What’ you are is the most important realisation you can make. For to remember what you are inside is to remember your true sound; the light and the Real that you are.

Justify nothing, belong to no-one. May the Journey Home for each one who responds within to a sound of remembering carry them home in the state of awareness of ‘what’ you are through ‘who’ you are in your life.

If, by reading any of Diane’s books, you get as much joy and wonder out of them as Diane did writing them, then the spark of remembering is sure to have burned a little brighter within you.

The Greatest Story Never Told

Diane Swaffield

This book took more than four years to complete, from beginning to end. At times months went by without anything at all. Then suddenly, there it was again .. words rushing into my mind, and I could hardly keep up, with my fingers flying over the keyboard at my computer.

With every page I grew more and more aware of the beauty of the journey through life and beyond. All had a purpose. What seemed to be disorder was really order having an experience of an opposite. All had an equal value, and in understanding that everything has to have an opposite to exist, I became more and more aware that everything was in its rightful place.

The Greatest Story Never Told has now been told. It is not a story “before its time”. It is a story “right on time”. I hope that it opens up your memory to your real self, as it has done to mine.

~ Diane

The Journey Home eBook

The Journey Home

Diane Swaffield

I realise only now that this book was planned long before I knew anything about it. The message that it carries will create confusion in many, anger in some, but a ‘remembering’ within others…

A Life Worth Living - Diane Swaffield

A Life Worth Living

Diane Swaffield

A good story comes from your heart and not your head. It should be told as if it was being re-lived all over again, with each memory powerfully expressing itself in the most truthful way…

Upon the Sands of Time by Diane Swaffield

Upon The Sands of Time

Diane Swaffield

Upon the Sands of Time is a journey into the past as it reaches towards the future. The story of Amoen takes us a journey of memories, perceptions and beliefs … where, or when, will it end?

The Temple Of Remembrance by Diane Swaffield

The Temple of Remembrance

Diane Swaffield

The Temple of Remembrance is a story about the illusion of memory, and asks us about the guiding influences of memory in our lives. What relativity do you have to your past, and your future?

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