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Consider this – there isn’t one thought you have that isn’t attached to a memory.  Everything you have ever done, everything you have learnt, everything you believe in, all comes from memory.  It would be fair to say that our memory has created who we believe we are.

It is estimated that by the time you reach 50 years of age, your subconscious will hold 70 trillion pieces of information within it.  That’s a lot of memory.  So the question is – which memory or memories do we rely upon to make important and ongoing decisions on how to live our lives?  Why is it that some memories hold great influence and power over our decision making, whilst others do not?

The answer seems to lie in our childhood.  Those early years that were supposed to give us love, security and direction.  Well, for some, that might be true, but for others, those childhood years held something totally different.  These are known as the formative years, when children are very impressionable, with their self-concept being created by the tender age of 5 years.

Our childhood is the foundation upon which our memories are built upon.  It needs to be strong to support us through our growing years, and then carry us into our adult life.  But if this foundation holds nothing but negativity, then we may have difficulty building a healthy relationship, both with ourselves, and the world around us.

Now, the point is … would you want a child making all the decisions in your life?   Of course you don’t.  Children don’t have the capacity to see beyond themselves.  They are all rather self-absorbed.  They often live in fantasy, rather than understand what terrible consequences could occur if bad choices are made. They are mostly concerned with what’s in it for them, rather than see the big picture of what’s possible.   That’s the way children are.  Their brain capacity is very limited, and so they aren’t expected to take charge of life-changing situations, but instead they follow what others have created for them.

With this being said, I want you to follow what I’m saying.  If your memories are tainted by negative beliefs that were formed during your childhood, then you need to reassess how those beliefs are affecting your life. If you believe your memories are creating problems in your life, then it’s time for you to take charge, and quickly!  Don’t let the child part of you delay your success any longer.

Have you ever given a thought that your poor self-image has been steering your life in circles for years?  Perhaps you’re someone who is often complaining about the powerful emotional baggage you’re carrying around, but you just don’t know what to do with it.  My suggestion is: just drop it, then walk away.  But whatever you do, don’t look back.

If you find yourself doubting you could ever do this, then you have to ask yourself whether you’re too attached to being a victim of your past.  Victims just love memory.  It feeds their every thought and action.  The last thing a victim ever wants is to let all that memory go.  Victims are addicted to the attention they receive.  Whether that attention is good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still attention.

So if you’re a victim, you might not like the solution I’m about to talk about.  For everyone else – I would now like to talk about a method I use, that successfully helps people bypass the memories that are negatively impacting their lives. This  method involves creating new memories.  These new memories then become their new point of reference, in order to create and maintain the life they want and deserve.

This method is very simple in itself to execute.  Firstly, you need to review your life as honestly as you can – highlighting what you feel is missing in your life, or what needs to be changed.  Remembering, that whilst you keep drawing on the same memories, this will lead to the same thoughts and actions, subsequently achieving the same results.  There is a saying that accurately sums this up .. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.  Isn’t that the truth?

So after you’ve taken a good honest look at what you would like to change in your life, and be realistic in your expectations when you do this, then you need to take yourself to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

This is where you need to visualize your life being different.  You can’t be half-hearted or treat it with amusement, because if you do, then it won’t work.  You will have to use the power of your thought to create this new memory,

but this time your memory will be in your ‘future’, not your past.

Close your eyes when you do this, so you can block out what’s happening around you.  Concentrate on imagining what your life will be like in a future time.  You may choose 3 months time or even 6 months or 1 year.  Whatever you do, be concise, and don’t change it once you made up your mind.  Success will equal a number of things:

  • A realistic expectation
  • A sensible timeframe
  • Your ability to really believe that it is happening in your future
  • The strength of your belief in your ability to create new memories

So memories don’t have to rely upon the past.  They can also be within your future.  The magnetic alignment to the power of your thought will enable you to realize a different life, away from the past of your old life.

To understand more, I have created a Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want’ that is available on the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website. This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’.

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