Has all of this happened before?

What if everything we see around us has happened before? An extraordinary concept, but when we take a closer look it is really not so hard to believe. Even the most respected human minds tell us time doesn’t actually exist. Advanced theoretical physicists tell us all existence is simultaneous.

The Elonias Foundation shows us there are many ‘inner’ dimensions existing alongside our own ‘outer’ space. Beyond mathematics and the impossible complexity of quantum mechanics is something far more powerful and far more vast – your mind.

Everyday, we move between possibilities as to what moment in time we experience based on our choices. But what if all of these choices were more like threads on a tapestry that has been woven though time and space for a long, long time?

This being so then all memory, all choices, all dimensions, all creation .. already exist and are actually ‘the past’. So how do we break through the sameness? How do we travel beyond the limitations of the past? Beyond creation itself?

Before we answer that, let us look firstly at a simple but very, very powerful fact: all comes from somewhere. All matter is encoded with the memory and energy of all that ever happened. And when reality itself is unable to break free of the sameness then we must turn to our greater mind.

There is another aspect to your reality that has not been activated before. Mind TravelTM has the ability to enter what we call ‘The Zone’. The Zone is the corridor of energy within you that is relative to what is “New” – a New Program for your life.

This New Program is relative to what has never been here before. You can only access The Zone through your own inner being because what is Real within you is connected to what is beyond time and space, but exists within it so it can be remembered and connected to by those who have a need to journey beyond the sameness of time and space.

That is why a “remote viewer” using remote using techniques can never touch what is accessible via Mind Travel. Mind Travel utilises the signature of your own sound to tap into a greater sound of energy that has never been activated within the time and space of creation before. Sound impossible? If you think perhaps it is, that very thought is only because you are stuck in the reality of recycled memory of the past.

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