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How you see ‘Time’ is how you see ‘You’

The Edge of Reality

What is it about our perception, of our point in time and space, that makes us believe that we are the only one? What is our moment that is passing in front of our eyes and within our mind, the only point from which to refer anything?

Why is it that so many are resistant to the idea that the past and the future exist simultaneously? For the future, their ‘now’ is the most important now, and we are but a memory of the past. To us, our past is the past; we are the now and the future hasn’t happened yet. How ridiculous.

When we look at space and time, surely we have to understand we are not that important when it comes to the identification of the total and complete reality of time and space. Why are we the ones ‘chosen’ in this very moment to exist when all else either did happen, or has not happened yet? Can you see my point?

It is a farce to believe in oneself as being the single point of relativity to which all things relate. And so we must look always at time and space as a collective movement of thought and memory with multiple ‘consciousnesses’ existing as multiple individual thoughts – like you and I – within the entire spectrum of reality on multiple dimensions and in multiple space-time locations.

In a reality that, to our perception, takes so long to move anywhere significant, our point in time – our moment – is really nothing more than one of a seemingly infinite number of them. And so space and time co-exist together in all places. The future and the past co-exist with the now. It is all a point of relativity.

Someone sitting in the future who is able to travel back to the past within the corridor of their mind will come back to us as their past, and revisit it as something that ‘was’. To us, they come from an inexplicable future, one that we cannot understand if – and that is ‘if’ – we look at time as being linear and based on one single point of our conscious thought of reckoning of what reality ‘is’ or ‘is not’.

And so I challenge you, I ask you, I implore you … remove your sense of independence from space and time from this ‘moment’ of ‘you’. Remove your sense of identification of the importance of every moment away from your moment of you.

Take a look – a bigger look – at the power of reality as a construct of thought and memory. Make sure at all times you are not constrained into the personal identification of self by seeing this moment in time as being all that exists at the centre point of everything. Because that is a farce.

Only the awareness of the ‘all’ within the many can explain the co-existent realities within this program that move amongst us, within us and around us every day on multiple dimensions, in multiple space and time locations, on multiple planets and in multiple places.

… And given this is all an illusion, then what is Real exists beyond even the perception of this single point of reality within this single frame of existence called Earth.

There is so much more to see, and so much more to say and so much more to hear. But without this simple identification of fact, one can never remove themselves from their absolute self as being the totality of reality.

From the awareness of ‘what you are’ the point of self is the lowest note, and we should embrace ‘what we are’ by being open on our lowest note of consciousness so we may understand the ‘illusion of reality’ firstly.

Only then, we may travel to ‘reality’.

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  1. Diane GARTH
    Diane GARTH says:

    Please explain ” by being open on our lowest note of consciousness ” , how do we do this in mediation ? Kind thanks diane

    • The Journey Home
      The Journey Home says:

      Hi Di. Thanks for your question. The lowest note is you and I – our consciousness experience as a human being. Opening our lowest note in meditation is to let go of the perception of ‘us’ as a singular person. Just like a keyboard on a piano, one note is part of a range of notes. Our thought that we are a separate ‘note’ to the light that we are is the only thing actually separating us – the belief in illusion. In a meditation, visualisation will support your experience and belief that you are more than who you believe you are. Remember, it is not about ‘attaining’ a higher note, it is about remembering you are not the lower note after all … and that was the illusion. A powerful technique is to visualise yourself within a shaft of energy that only resonates to your sound. An energy of love. Then, do not concentrate, but let it energy of the highest note descend into the lowest. Feel the difference and let the energy communicate with you. Hope this helps. Jason

  2. Malcolm Marron
    Malcolm Marron says:

    Each morning I visualise this shaft of love energy you refer to quite naturally, in fact its all I seem to be able to do at the moment, however letting the highest note of love move to the lowest is helpful, thank you.

    I would also like some ideas of how to lift more out of the current crisis here on earth as I get emotions of anger and want to fight the darkness, however know my journey is not to boil the ocean, rather focus on holding my light and love as the story unfolds..?

    • The Journey Home
      The Journey Home says:

      Hi Malcolm, apologies I have only just now seen your message. The answer is in the question – we live in a world that is an illusion, totally and completely. And yet it feels so real, does it not? And so, we have to ask where does our power of perception lay? Is it within the illusion thqt is trying to overcome the reality it perceives as overpowering it? Or is it within the awareness that it is not actually happening at all, but is only the memory that it once did. That brings so much conjecture and objection from so many, but where are the answers to the meaning of it all but from within. And when one relies on the inner awareness and not the outer perception, then one can immediately recognise they live within illusion, but are not of illusion. The ‘fact’ of the matter that all of this is real is laughable to the greatest part of our being because our Real memories defy the chaos and no-love we see around us. And so the answer to your question is simple – do not try and rise above it. It does not exist. Why give it the power of appearing to be reality when it does not deserve the power of belief in the first place. That is my answer. I leave you with what I have most of and that is truly love. Bless you.


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