What is Mind Travel?

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Mind travel is a technique created by Diane Swaffield to allow you to experience travelling through time. Using this ground-breaking technique, you will travel through your mind to a designated point of time in your future, and to specific points of time in your past.  The ‘creating the Future you want’ online program takes you on a guided journey through your mind to experience your ‘most likely’ future – the future you have created, the future you’re heading towards.

The power of this program gives you the ability to make choices and decisions you believe are right for you, so you can create the future you really want.  The mind travel experience involves travelling through different frequencies to reach your destination in either the past or the future of your ‘now’ life.  All time and all space is contained within one point, and when you experience the past or future, you do not actually travel anywhere, except through the different frequencies that determine the reference point of time that you are currently occupying. This is how mind travel works – this is how you can create the future you want.

A word from Diane …

Diane Swaffield - Over 40 Years Experience

The past 40 years have been an amazing journey of discovery and experience in working with the power of the mind.  I have lectured extensively on the mind, and conducted workshops, seminars and courses over many years, helping people connect to their mind and realise their potential.

To give you some background on how it all started – time travel was always of great interest to me from a very young age.  As I grew up, I often knew of events before they happened, from a minute or two in the future, to months or even years.  I would often ask myself, “if the future hasn’t happened yet, then how can I know what’s going to happen?”  Well, I found the answer, and it was so simple.  I discovered it was ‘me’ in the future who knew what was about to happen, and sent back this information to me, in my ‘now’.  That’s why I created mind travel.

Since then, I have been in touch with my future self many times.  It wanted me to know the future isn’t fixed, and a person’s ‘most likely’ future can be changed.  I have been working with this understanding now for many years, through workshops, seminars and courses, helping people to identify their ‘most likely’ future, and create the life and future they want and deserve – with astounding results.

I have now released my proven mind travel technique through this online program, so you can also experience the power of your own mind, and create the future you really want.

Diane Swaffield, creator of Mind Travel (2018)

Mind Travel is much more than just Remote Viewing

We live in the past. Everything around us – all of it – has all come and gone before. An extraordinary concept, but is it really so hard to believe? Even the most capable human minds tell us time does not really exist. Not only that, advanced theoretical physicists tell us all existence is simultaneous and there many, many dimensions existing alongside our own in inner space.  However, beyond mathematics and quantum mechanics is something far more powerful and far more vast – your mind.

Everyday, we move between possibilities as to what moment in time we experience based on our choices. But what if all of these choices were more like threads on a tapestry that has been woven though time and space for a long, long time? This being so then all memory, all choices, all dimensions, all creation .. are the past. So how do we break through the sameness? How do we travel beyond the limitations of the past? Beyond creation itself? …

What if you could break out of the timeloop of your past and future?

Mind Travel was developed after many years of research and experience into past and future lives, energy, the structure of time, time glitches and the investigation of the mind and deeper levels of consciousness. The Mind Travel technique is used in the online program ‘creating the Future you want’ – available on this website.

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The Mind Travel Online Program

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You are who you are because of who you were in the past
… and who you became in the future.

It’s time to start creating the New Future you deserve.