The Illusion of Reality – Podcasts

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Do You Know Love?

Everything we do, every decision we make, from the way we treat each other and the way we treat ourselves – everything – is based on love. The image of love is perhaps the greatest and most destructive element in the human consciousness.…
Purpose and Awareness The Journey Home
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Purpose and Awareness

As we start to become aware of the illusion of this reality, people often ask me - “What is my purpose?” and “Why am I here?"And my response is the same - The awareness of your purpose is equal to your awareness of what you are.The…
Vortex of stars central light the journey home time to wake-up
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How to Break to cycle of sameness

Our hopes and aspirations are often diminished when the sameness enters our lives again and again. However, the reality we live in can only be seen for what it is when the energy of awareness from beyond our perception, beyond the illusion of…
Does your karma belong to you? Jason Swaffield The Journey Home
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Does your Karma belong to you?

I would like to ask you a question – do any of your memories or experiences in your life that keep re-occurring feel like they do not belong to you? Do you have recurring patterns of experiences? People? Jobs? Relationships? Do you sit…
Life is an experience of memory, so now what - by Jason Swaffield
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Life is an experience of memory - so what now?

We exist within a chamber of memory. It is hard to define the structure of reality we live within from the inside. So whether we call that a program, or a construct, a dream or a cube – it is all the same. What matters is that we understand…
Where do we belong? podcast The Journey Home
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Where do we belong?

I want to talk about where you belong. So many people wonder about where they have come from, and where they are going. Sometimes life itself makes us question where we belong, and is there something else? Is there more? Why are so many…
Going beyond beliefs - Jason Swaffield
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Going beyond beliefs

The Journey Home is about remembering that we are more than who we think we are. It is about challenging our beliefs, because sometimes when we believe in something outwardly so strongly it is because we know something deep inside that we just…
Letting Go Of What Doesn't Work by Diane Swaffiield (Spoken by Jason)
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Letting go of what doesn't work

Can you really let go of what doesn't work in your life? Or are you so accustomed to it being a part of your life, you just wouldn't quite know what to do if it just disappeared? Wow, I hope that's not your answer, but for some…
Home is within you - The Journey Home
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The way Home is within you

When I was a young man I used to look up and wonder what on earth I was doing here.I was never someone who found a purpose or a place. I always felt like someone displaced; someone who stood on the edge of a group of people, but never in…
Experience defines Reality by Jason Swaffield
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Experience defines Reality

It is what we experience that is real. It is what we experience that determines the nature of how we see reality - what's possible, or what's not. That is what determines how we ‘see’ reality. How we see what is possible. How we interpret…
Becoming aware - The Journey Home
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Becoming Aware

I want to talk about ‘becoming’. So many want to become ‘something’ or ‘someone’. They want to become spiritual, or enlightened.
Time is not what you think it is - Jason Swaffield
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Time is not what you think it is

We have to let go of the misconception that time is linear. Time is an illusion, and all events are simultaneous. We need to open your mind to viewing reality as something that exists beyond the regular ‘knowledge’ base and…
Spiritual Guidance by Diane Swaffield
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Spiritual Guidance

We all want to have someone looking after us, making sure we stay on track with what our destiny requires from us. Churches and Temples are full of such people, all wanting to stand out in the crowd so their hopes, dreams and prayers are…
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Love does not know time

by Jason Swaffield - an inspired communication about time, loss and the power of love.Time. It is such a inexorable thing. It stretches out forever, it seems. And yet, when you want it to last it takes everything away from…
Is there a purpose to my life
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Is there a Purpose to my Life?

No doubt this article has attracted your attention because you either want to find your purpose, are fed up with your current purpose or are wondering whether there is a need for a purpose at all.
Changing self-programming by Diane Swaffield
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Changing self-programming

Does this sound familiar?  ..  No matter how hard you try, you just keep listening to all those negative thoughts in your head that just won’t go away.  They don’t always give you the best advice when you need it, but instead they…
The Journey Home - Balance and Harmony
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Balance and Harmony

You've probably heard those two words many times. They sound like common-sense words; but let's face it, who has time in this busy world to try and work out what they mean? Yes, balance and harmony sounds wonderful, but maybe you're…
What is reality - The Journey Home
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What is reality?

Throughout the ages this question has been asked by many great philosophers, scientists, mystics, deep thinkers, plus the ordinary folk, who are looking for the answer to ‘what is reality?’For some people there is no question to ask. …
Going beyond boundaries - The Journey Home
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Going beyond personal boundaries

We all live within boundaries, because that’s the way life is.  They are put in place to keep us from overstepping the mark, and doing the wrong thing.  These boundaries are usually called "rules and regulations" and we have to abide…
Gateway to the Inner Self - The Journey Home
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The Gateway to the Inner Self

How many times have you sat in a quiet place, perhaps next to a beautiful water feature or some other representation of the natural environment. A location that forms a symbol of serenity, peace and what is a natural state.
Everything's memory - The Journey Home
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Everything’s memory

Consider this - there isn't one thought you have that isn't attached to a memory.  Everything you have ever done, everything you have learnt, everything you believe in, all comes from memory.  It would be fair to say that our memory has…
I Just can’t Relax - what’s wrong with me?
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I Just can’t Relax - what’s wrong with me?

Welcome to the 21st century…  where time is regarded as precious.  There’s just not enough of it to do everything you need to do.  Everything runs at such a fast pace, you find yourself prioritizing, just to keep up.Your calendar…