Life Journey Sessions

Life. Energy. Awareness. Purpose. They are all One and the same.

Where are you going in your life? Where is your journey of awareness taking you? Around in circles? To a dead end? There is an answer …

A “Life Journey Session” is a discovery session designed to answer the most important questions in your life. So, let’s talk. What are you looking for? What made you start looking? Who do you want to be, and why?

Jason will help you find the answers you seek to the most important questions that drive you, with his deeply intuitive and holistic approach to energy, mind and ‘who’ you really are.

Whether you are at a crossroads, or just feel lost. Frustrated with the emptiness of life? Do you know there is more, but can’t seem to find it? Are you surrounded by few who understand you, or even want to know. Or do you just want to talk about your life, and what it means? Every question, every feeling is important. You owe it to yourself to become aware of what your “Life Journey” is about.

We all have a purpose that is often very different that what ‘life’ tells us it is. Life has a way of telling you to know your place. To accept. You should never accept what life tells you if it does not fit ‘who’ and ‘what’ you are.

Jason is an experienced and intuitive Life Journey Counsellor, and co-founder of The Journey Home. With 27 years of experience in a wide range of areas including deep Inner Awareness, the afterlife, paranormal and dimensional experiences and the meaning of life, Jason offers personal sessions to explore the greater dimension of who and what you are.

Session times are 9am – 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday

In-person sessions are based in Mount Dandenong, Melbourne Victoria

$85 – 60mins

Jason Swaffield - The Timeline Medium

As a practitioner of both mind and energy, Jason works to help balance the outer with the inner intuitive aspects of the energy system, our psyche and the emotional well-being we need to be our True self – the best version of us we can be. Sessions, programs and workshops are designed to help guide you to remember what lies deep within you, uncovering your True self in order to discover or regain your sense of purpose and destiny.

online, by phone or in-person

So many people accept a life and future for themselves that is less than they deserve, and certainly less than what they are capable of achieving. The key is to become aware of where you are in your life’s journey and why, then understand how to create a New future with a New you.

Jason continues to help seekers find and align with their True destiny and find the exit from the cyclic illusion of the sameness of life – to learn how to hear the sound of awakening, to listen to that inner voice and access the inner Gateway of remembering. Jason created The Journey Home alongside his wife, Diane, after many years of Diane’s deeply personal and greater research into the illusion of reality and the deeper meaning woven through our lives. Diane was a pioneer of the mind and a seeker of awareness of beyond the illusion of reality.

As devoted husband and wife, colleagues and partners, Diane and Jason have shared the most important journey any of us can ever take – The Journey Home.

It was Diane’s final wish her Legacy of her 40 years of inquiry and investigation continue to reach anyone who hears the ‘note’ of remembering, and to help them ‘wake up’ from the illusion of life.

The Journey Home website is a major part of that legacy. Jason is based in Melbourne, Australia.

With over 20 years experience working with the mind and energy field health, I specialise in thought versus reality, multi-dimensional awareness, intuitive development, Mind Travel, the Paranormal, Dream Talking and finding one’s True purpose. These areas impact our lives daily, and should not be brushed off as imagination or given a dismissive explanation simply because others do not want to wake up to their true potential.

I can help you get the answers you are looking for. Through the Mind Travel technique I can also help you access the Gateway of your mind to find a New future that will answer so many questions, lead you to a more aware life and perhaps even a totally New future.