Without understanding the difference between ‘who’ you are and ‘what’ you are, one cannot move anywhere new. ‘Who’ we are – the self – is a product of thought and memory that allows us to live and exist within life itself. Very important! Of course it is.

However, it is ‘what’ we are that is Real. It is the energy beyond life, beyond thought and memory, beyond time even that is both where we have come from, and where we all return to .. after all, it is ‘what’ we are.

This video is both informative and visual, so best to watch this one, rather than just read it. I hope you enjoy. Remember, what you are is ‘you’ beyond the identification of our ‘self’. Listen inwardly, and I hope to hear from you – Jason.

Can you really let go of what doesn’t work in your life? Or are you so accustomed to it being a part of your life, you just wouldn’t quite know what to do if it just disappeared? Wow, I hope that’s not your answer, but for some people I’ve met, it’s unfortunately true.

What doesn’t work always wants to be your buddy. It has a way of being there, trying to convince you that this time it’s different, but it never is. Let’s face it, what doesn’t work, just doesn’t work. It never has, and it never will. When will people get that?

How much time has been wasted trying to fix a relationship that has come unstuck so many times, it now needs superglue to keep it together. Come on, if that’s you, why stay with what doesn’t work? Is it really worth it? Have you got so used to the drama that comes with the relationship, it has become the ‘norm’, rather than finding a new relationship, one that actually gives you the happiness you haven’t felt for far too long.

What about your career, is it working for you? You want to be successful in your chosen career, but no-one notices what you actually do. Sound familiar? You are just a face in the crowd, with everyone else seemingly pushing in front of you for those all­ important accolades. You don’t feel valued, yet somehow you want success to find you. You begin to live the dream of success, rather than be a participant in what it can be.

If this happens, don’t just accept your dream of success. Instead you need to want the real thing. Letting go of what doesn’t work will enable you to have that success you’ve always told yourself you wanted.

So ask yourself – what is it that doesn’t work in your life? What would you need to let go of? You could probably reel off a number of things, with some being much more important than others. But stop counting. For there is really only one answer. A very simple answer. It’s your perception of your own self-value. That is what doesn’t work. Having this perception has led to all those things you have just remembered that don’t work in your life.

In everything you want and do, you absolutely need self-value to achieve success. When you value who you are, it stirs up that passion and drive you have inside you to succeed. In a perfect world, your self-value would be a natural part of you, everything and everyone in your life would be just perfect. But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in the world we create for ourselves, and you can’t just give up and accept second-best for yourself. You deserve better than that. You cannot allow yourself, not ever, to accept what doesn’t work in your life.

You have to create a life and a future that works. You need to change the way you see yourself. My mind travel ‘Creating the Future you want‘ program, shows you how to do that. This program was designed by myself for people who have decided they don’t want to accept what doesn’t work in their life anymore. It’s time to let go of what doesn’t work – after all, you can’t take what doesn’t work into a new future.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

Becoming aware - The Journey Home

I want to talk about ‘becoming’. So many want to become ‘something’ or ‘someone’. They want to become spiritual, or enlightened. More aware. Whilst the desire is genuine and the intent is admirable, perhaps we need to look at the question, “Why do we want to become anything? Aren’t we already that anyway? Haven’t we just forgotten? That is what so much of this is about.

Life is not absolute. We have all come from somewhere to enter our physical bodies – this memory shell we call our personal identity – and we have all entered into our physical self from somewhere. Some call it the spirit, some caught it the soul. There are many names for it, and yet all are images. Through many experiences over many years, Diane and I came to understand our energy as ‘what’ we are coming from beyond who we believe we are. Our real energy that we are beyond, and were before being born into, this life. The energy of what is Real that resides within us all in this very moment.

So if we are already ‘what’ we are we .. we can’t become it, can we? Because we already are it. It’s a matter of unbecoming who we think we are to take off the layers and return to what really exists in the first place.

If we live a life within an awareness of what we are, not who we think we are behind all of the layers of personality, culture, community, perception, fear, power, justifiable memory, and all the rest of the images .. we forgo these layers that make up who we think we are. Who we define ourselves as, and who we allowed others to define us as, in order to be a ‘human being’. But we were not human before we came here, and we won’t be human after we leave, so why should we get so stuck on one singular memory?

If we take all of these layers away, all that is really left is what we are. So we can’t work hard to become spiritual. We can’t find ourselves. Because how can we find ourselves, when we are already here! We have to unravel the imagery that we have bundled up and called our truth.. and let it go.

That is really what life was about so much of the time. So many live a truth that becomes a reality. But truth is like a layer. Layers of who we are that take us away from what we are. Truth is simply imagery. Perceptions. Conveniences of the moment, or our personal or collective history that form an ideology or value. Then we form a personal identity based on culture, family, life itself. But it is never what is Real.

Many years ago we were told “truth is an ever-changing movement of awareness” because truth can and does constantly change.

So how can you find who or what you really are based upon a truth, when truth is always changing? You cannot. Some may say, “No, truth doesn’t change. Truth is truth.” But truth does change. Because what you believe one day, after an event or circumstance or new piece of information, will change the next day. What is ironclad one day, is fluid the next. So truth is an ever-changing movement of awareness – and this definition is not a ‘truth’ either, it is an observable fact through time.

That being so, our identity – our ‘truth’ of who we are – is therefore not true. It is just an image. Collated, rationalised, created .. programmed even, by all of our experiences, and the input from oneself and one’s thoughts and outer life.

As we look at the journey of becoming ‘aware’, becoming illuminated and spiritual, this journey will fail before it even begins. Why? Because you’re only going to add on more layers of imagery on top of who you already think you are. You are just going to become who you think you are plus another layer of awareness on top of that, and another layer of perception on top of that. Where does it stop?

No wonder so many people find themselves so far away from their Real inner being. Lost in ego or importance. Lost to imagery. Lost to forgetfulness. Desperation.

So what if you went the other way? What if you decided you needed to become aware by forgetting who you think you are? Stop adding on. Peel off the layers. Undo the images. Decouple the perceptions.

What if we let more go in order to find the actuality of what we really are beneath it all? So becoming doesn’t become an experience of ‘attaining more’ in an effort to measure how much we need to do or how many more truths we need to find to become wise. What if letting go of illusionary images .. reveals what is Real?

That is letting go in order to remember.

So you don’t become anything. You return to the awareness of what you always were.. and still are. You had just forgotten.

by Jason Swaffield – an inspired communication about time, loss and the power of love.

Time. It is such a inexorable thing. It stretches out forever, it seems. And yet, when you want it to last it takes everything away from you. You want it to just stop, to cease moving, so the sadness can be staved away and the love can remain. But this is not what time does. It relentlessly, mindlessly carries forth.
You can’t be angry with it, it serves no purpose but to damage yourself. Time does reflect to us, though, what matters. I might say, ‘that is something to be grateful for’, but when the reflection is far too real and far too raw, it seems that gratitude is the farthest thing from my heart. Perhaps begrudging respect. Humility. The saying, “It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all” is so absolutely true. I would prefer a philosophy with a kinder range of options, though.
But nevertheless, that is not the nature of time. And when one is in singularity, with a one-way appreciation of events, that inexorable feeling just keeps going, forcing you to have to adapt and cope, or the tide of events will sweep you under.
Because that is what love is like within time, something that carries you along with it and takes you to places you never thought you could reach, or never imagined existed. And when it comes, when ‘time’ leaves you feeling stranded on the shoreline and carries love away with it, out of your grasp, it looks back at you with an eternal glance, daring you to never forget, to never let go, to always remember. Because time is not a friend. Not at all.
But if we can learn something from this perpetrator of unwanted events and passing moments, it is that it did not bring love into our lives, it merely swept us up in what we already knew was inside us already. It just eroded the facade that we all carry. And that facade is the image that love is not the most important thing in our lives. In our existence. In a moment, it reminded us that time is not a powerful thing to be resented and feared, it is just a memory carrier.
The most important thing is that it cannot carry any memory away, or erode any feeling, or leave you standing anywhere you don’t want to stand. It is powerless. For all its bravado, it is as meaningless as the illusion it tries to convince us of.
But rest assured, when you know this and look time directly in the face, right between the eyes, it will back down. Because you are the master of your love. Both for yourself, and the love you hold for others. You control your love, and what you do with it. Anything else is allowing time to own what is rightfully yours.
So don’t despair when you feel the loss of love. Don’t feel sad beyond repair when you feel broken and battered, ripped and torn apart. Don’t give in. Just know that it was your ability to love that got you there in the first place. That is what allowed you to ride the river, and not drop to the bottom like a dead, unfeeling weight.
It was your remembering of the love you hold within you that carried you all the way to right now. And your love now that embraces and carries with you the feelings you have, right now. Without love, you cannot be who you are. Without you, love has no one to carry it.
So carry love with you with every step. Carry as much as you can, wherever you can. Don’t ever stop, because if you do, time wins. Because time, remember, tries to convince you that it is in control of what begins and what ends.
It is up to us to show it differently, until we draw our last breath and return to the greater love that allowed us to understand personal love in the first place.
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Does this sound familiar?  ..  No matter how hard you try, you just keep listening to all those negative thoughts in your head that just won’t go away.  They don’t always give you the best advice when you need it, but instead they often get in the way of solving an issue with their repetitive and often non-constructive reasoning.  When this happens, you are in a loop of your own thoughts that are referred to as ‘self-programming’.

This is your ‘self-talk’.  It’s the script you have created to protect yourself from issues such as: not feeling good enough, fear of rejection, negative body image, lack of confidence, and so on.  There are a great number of factors that involve negative self-programming, and they may have been with you for a long, long time.

Changing self-programming means you have to change how you talk to yourself.  It’s that simple.  However, many people have become accustomed to the way they think, the way they behave and the negative outcomes in their lives that have come from it.  They are the victims of this world, where nothing works, and nothing is fair.

Simply, you have to change.  Stop waiting for the world to change around you.  It’s not going to happen.  I bet you have invented so many excuses, justified everything you have done, as well as blamed so many people and situations, and guess what?  Your life still sucks.  It doesn’t work. It can also make you feel isolated, where no-one understands you and no-one is there for you.  Well, that’s what negative self-programming does for you.

So how easy is it to defeat self-programming?  As I have already said, self-programming is simply ‘self-talk’.  It’s what you say to yourself every single day, sometimes over and over again.  You say it so often that you have talked yourself into believing it.  It’s become a way of life.  It’s become your identity.  But if it’s not working for you, then it’s got to change.  That’s when the Mindhubb ‘Talk2Self’ technique can help you make that change.  So, I will now explain how it all works:

There are two aspects of the mind.  The conscious and the subconscious.  The subconscious mind acts according to the beliefs of the conscious mind, and does not distinguish whether those beliefs are good or bad, beneficial or destructive.  It is this subconscious belief system, which is often referred to as “a silent partner to consciousness” that plays back these beliefs as ‘self-talk’.

Your ‘self-talk’, or self-programming, can only change when a new belief, or a different attitude replaces it.  The Talk2Self technique is all about creating a new ‘script’, using your own trusted voice, which you have recorded, and then played back through your phone or other recording device, using head-sets for maximum concentration and privacy.  By listening to your own voice, with its change of script, and ‘believing’ with everything you have in what you are saying, then this new script, with its new beliefs, will filter down into your subconscious and replace the outgrown negative self-talk with the new version.

So let’s talk about your new script.  It needs to have content that changes your belief or attitude towards yourself, others, or perhaps an issue that has created your self-programming.  However, there are too many variables to be mentioned here.

Your script should be around 2 – 3 minutes long.  That’s about 350 – 500 words.  That’s enough time and content to create a new way of talking to yourself that cancels out the old self-dialogue.  Then you need to record your script on either your phone or another recording device you might have.  Remember to speak slowly and concisely, and don’t forget to emphasize what is important to you.  Then replay it back.  Make sure you’re happy with what you have said, and also how you have said it.  This should be listened to regularly over a period of time, until you notice the changes in your thinking. When you change your self-programming, then you change your life.  It’s that easy.

If you would like to take a step further in understanding yourself and your ‘most likely’ future that you are creating, then take a look at my Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want‘, which is available under the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website. Not only will it change your life, it will change your future.  This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’.


Blog written by Diane Swaffield. Read with love by Jason, in dedication and inspired memory of Diane.

Consider this – there isn’t one thought you have that isn’t attached to a memory.  Everything you have ever done, everything you have learnt, everything you believe in, all comes from memory.  It would be fair to say that our memory has created who we believe we are.

It is estimated that by the time you reach 50 years of age, your subconscious will hold 70 trillion pieces of information within it.  That’s a lot of memory.  So the question is – which memory or memories do we rely upon to make important and ongoing decisions on how to live our lives?  Why is it that some memories hold great influence and power over our decision making, whilst others do not?

The answer seems to lie in our childhood.  Those early years that were supposed to give us love, security and direction.  Well, for some, that might be true, but for others, those childhood years held something totally different.  These are known as the formative years, when children are very impressionable, with their self-concept being created by the tender age of 5 years.

Our childhood is the foundation upon which our memories are built upon.  It needs to be strong to support us through our growing years, and then carry us into our adult life.  But if this foundation holds nothing but negativity, then we may have difficulty building a healthy relationship, both with ourselves, and the world around us.

Now, the point is … would you want a child making all the decisions in your life?   Of course you don’t.  Children don’t have the capacity to see beyond themselves.  They are all rather self-absorbed.  They often live in fantasy, rather than understand what terrible consequences could occur if bad choices are made. They are mostly concerned with what’s in it for them, rather than see the big picture of what’s possible.   That’s the way children are.  Their brain capacity is very limited, and so they aren’t expected to take charge of life-changing situations, but instead they follow what others have created for them.

With this being said, I want you to follow what I’m saying.  If your memories are tainted by negative beliefs that were formed during your childhood, then you need to reassess how those beliefs are affecting your life. If you believe your memories are creating problems in your life, then it’s time for you to take charge, and quickly!  Don’t let the child part of you delay your success any longer.

Have you ever given a thought that your poor self-image has been steering your life in circles for years?  Perhaps you’re someone who is often complaining about the powerful emotional baggage you’re carrying around, but you just don’t know what to do with it.  My suggestion is: just drop it, then walk away.  But whatever you do, don’t look back.

If you find yourself doubting you could ever do this, then you have to ask yourself whether you’re too attached to being a victim of your past.  Victims just love memory.  It feeds their every thought and action.  The last thing a victim ever wants is to let all that memory go.  Victims are addicted to the attention they receive.  Whether that attention is good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because it’s still attention.

So if you’re a victim, you might not like the solution I’m about to talk about.  For everyone else – I would now like to talk about a method I use, that successfully helps people bypass the memories that are negatively impacting their lives. This  method involves creating new memories.  These new memories then become their new point of reference, in order to create and maintain the life they want and deserve.

This method is very simple in itself to execute.  Firstly, you need to review your life as honestly as you can – highlighting what you feel is missing in your life, or what needs to be changed.  Remembering, that whilst you keep drawing on the same memories, this will lead to the same thoughts and actions, subsequently achieving the same results.  There is a saying that accurately sums this up .. “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”.  Isn’t that the truth?

So after you’ve taken a good honest look at what you would like to change in your life, and be realistic in your expectations when you do this, then you need to take yourself to a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

This is where you need to visualize your life being different.  You can’t be half-hearted or treat it with amusement, because if you do, then it won’t work.  You will have to use the power of your thought to create this new memory,

but this time your memory will be in your ‘future’, not your past.

Close your eyes when you do this, so you can block out what’s happening around you.  Concentrate on imagining what your life will be like in a future time.  You may choose 3 months time or even 6 months or 1 year.  Whatever you do, be concise, and don’t change it once you made up your mind.  Success will equal a number of things:

  • A realistic expectation
  • A sensible timeframe
  • Your ability to really believe that it is happening in your future
  • The strength of your belief in your ability to create new memories

So memories don’t have to rely upon the past.  They can also be within your future.  The magnetic alignment to the power of your thought will enable you to realize a different life, away from the past of your old life.

To understand more, I have created a Program titled ‘Creating the Future you want’ that is available on the Mind Travel section of The Journey Home website. This program will take you on a personal journey, mind travelling forward in time to view and experience your ‘most likely future’. You will then travel back in time to heal your past, become empowered to make change, then experience a guided Mind Travel exercise to create and experience your ‘new future’.