Timeline Readings

More than just an intuitive reading – it’s your doorway to the Future you want

  • Know your future path – is it the right one?

  • Find out where the critical crossroads are in your future timeline, right now

  • Discover when they are likely to happen, and why

  • Understand how the energy of your past is most likely energising your future

  • Find out how your mind and energy blockages may be effecting your now and your future

The reality of time we exist within contains a band of frequencies called timelines. All is energy, and depending on the energy you hold, you may be reinforcing your past and your future all at once. If we do not lift our energy beyond the boundary of thought and perception we will never lift ourselves high enough to open up new opportunities and a better life.

A Timeline Reading is more than just a psychic reading. Many talented psychics give accurate readings, but what if they are only reading possibilities from an old or outdated timeline? What then? Then the future becomes the past again, and you miss the Exit that may be right in front of you.

A New future awaits us all, but only if you are able to shift your energy system to align with a New possibility that is right for you.

How does it work?

After nearly 30 years as an intuitive practitioner and deep reality researcher, I use a deep intuitive sense and our Mind Travel techniques to travel into your past and future. I will trace and identify what your energy systems reveals as the most important factors in your timeline, from this life and potentially from previous lives. Your energy tells the story you need to hear. With the right timeline crossroads and points of opportunity revealed by your energy system, you would be amazed at what is possible, and what you are capable of.

I will compile a comprehensive reading for you, intended to guide you towards your next steps towards the Future you want. After all, no one can create the Future you want but you.

Timeline Readings take 48-72 hrs and are delivered by email.

After booking, you will be directed to provide me with your full name, DOB and a current photo.

Your Timeline Reading is usually provided in written format, although sometimes an audio or video file will be provided.


In-person sessions are also available and are based in Mount Dandenong, Melbourne Victoria

In-person session times are 9am – 7pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday

Jason Swaffield

As a practitioner of both mind and energy, Jason works to help balance the outer with the inner intuitive aspects of the energy system, our psyche and the emotional well-being we need to be our True self – the best version of us we can be. Sessions, programs and workshops are designed to help guide you to remember what lies deep within you, uncovering your True self in order to discover or regain your sense of purpose and destiny.

After you receive your Timeline Reading .. create the Future you want

Your Timeline Reading will give you unparalleled insight into your life timeline. After you have received you reading, I recommend you complete Diane’s “creating the Future you want” online program.

Diane will guide you through the Mind Travel experience to help you release the energy of your past, identify your new future and align to the Future you want.

You can purchase them separately, or as a bundle. See below …

creating the Future you want

You are who you are because of who you were in the past
… and who you became in the future. It’s time to start creating the New Future you deserve.

Discover to Mind Travel through time. Visit your past, travel to your future .. and learn how to create the Future you want.

Mind Travel - creating the Future you want

Mind Travel – Viewing Your Most Likely Future sample

Mind Travel Series – the Journey Home

Diane Swaffield

I always knew I had a destiny, but I had absolutely no idea my probable future was stopping me from reaching it! The energy I was holding on to in my past was holding me back, and Diane’s program has changed my life. Her voice was such a beautiful sound .. and I now have the future I want. Thank you, Diane.

NathanMind Traveller

After completing this program my life has changed dramatically for the better. I now have great inner peace, and I am living proof you can create the future you want by following Diane’s Mind Travel program. Thank you more than words can express.

LeonieMind Traveller

When I did the program I had no idea just how powerful it would be. I wanted a better life so desperately, but I did not know how to create it. After completing Diane’s program my life came into focus. I am now happy, and it is truly a life I never imagined possible. Words are not enough …

LaurenMind Traveller

Past Life Readings

So many times, so much of what we are experiencing in our lives is a combination of magnetic thought and memory energy to do with our current life. But very often, the energy and memory of our past lives and other form of experience heavily influence our life. They effect how we feel, what we like, what we are afraid of and what we want to do. When so much our of lives are influenced by events and relationships we don’t fully understand, wouldn’t it be good to know what they are? Wouldn’t it be good to release the energy they contain, and move forward? Or harness the awareness and add it to our lives? Make new decisions. Open new doorways. It is all possible… and it starts with you.

Jason also offers Past Life Readings for those who want to understand more about the journey they are on. Times, places, people and realms that explain so many things we have always wondered about but never had access to answers for. Now is your chance.

Past Life Readings take 48-72 hrs and are delivered by email.

After booking, you will be directed to provide me with your full name, DOB and a current photo.

Your Past Life Reading is usually provided in written format, although sometimes an audio or video file will be provided.

Jason created The Journey Home alongside his wife, Diane, after many years of Diane’s deeply personal and greater research into the illusion of reality and the deeper meaning woven through our lives. Diane was a pioneer of the mind and a seeker of awareness of beyond the illusion of reality. As devoted husband and wife, colleagues and partners, Diane and Jason have shared the most important journey any of us can ever take – The Journey Home. It was Diane’s final wish her Legacy of her 40 years of inquiry and investigation continue to reach anyone who hears the ‘note’ of remembering, and to help them ‘wake up’ from the illusion of life. The Journey Home website is a major part of that legacy.

Jason is based in Melbourne, Australia.

With nearly 30 years experience working with the mind and energy field health, I specialise in thought versus reality, multi-dimensional awareness, intuitive development, Mind Travel, the Paranormal, Dream Talking and finding one’s True purpose. These areas impact our lives daily, and should not be brushed off as imagination or given a dismissive explanation simply because others do not want to wake up to their true potential.

I can help you get the answers you are looking for. Through the Mind Travel technique I can also help you access the Gateway of your mind to find a New future that will answer so many questions, lead you to a more aware life and perhaps even a totally New future.