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The most important part of The Journey Home is to remember you are more than who you believe you are.

An vital part of this journey is inner awareness and reflection. Often, we find it easier to be able to write our feelings and thoughts down, to talk to ourselves and reflect on our experiences and upon those things that create a ‘shift’ in our awareness of who and what we are.  Remembering requires a clear mind, and an open heart, and this is what the Quiet Place is all about – a place where you can access meditations, eBooks and more.

Your Quiet Place is free to set up, and private to use. It is a private space within The Journey Home website set up automatically when you select to read a free eBook or choose to enjoy a Guided Meditation. All purchases also come with a free Quiet Place account.

It also includes a personal Diary feature that allows you to reflect, create journal entries and record your experiences in private. These cannot be shared with others from this space – it is just for you.

Remember – reflection is one of the most important aspects to awareness, and who better to talk to .. than ourselves.

If you have any questions about the Quiet Place, or about anything on The Journey Home, please simply contact Jason.

To create your free Quiet Place simply go to the eBook to Guided Meditation pages and select one to read or listen to.

Once you select an eBook or Guided Meditation, you will be prompted to set up your account.

Finished an online program?

One of the most important things you can do when you have finished a Mind Travel program, or any experience from The Journey Home, is to give yourself time to reflect. How has it left you? How was your experience? Do you have any thoughts and feelings that stand out for you?

Why not go to your Quiet Place and share your reflections with .. yourself. Your Quiet Place is not only a Gateway to other experiences, it also has a Reflection Diary where you can record and save your private thoughts and feelings. No one can see them but you. I cannot stress how important it is to start the conversation with yourself after doing a Mind Travel online program. Resist the temptation to rush back to life .. give yourself a little bit more time to be in touch with the inner changes that are already underway.

Thoughts, feelings, triggered memories .. many readers or experiencers get triggered with memories or feelings. Sometimes these feelings, visions, dreams or experiences can come on suddenly, sometimes they emerge over time. However you experience this, we encourage you to use your Quiet Place Reflection Diary to open up more conversation with your Inner knowing. It is the most important conversation you will ever have.

If you have unexpected experiences you would like to talk about, you can reach out to Jason if you want to discuss them, or even just share. With over 27 years, Jason has a great deal of experience with intuition, the Inner Journey, visions and higher memories, the paranormal, UFOs, the afterlife and so much more. You are never alone. Contact Jason.

– Jason

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